Now Casting Fun, Outgoing FAMILIES for MTV's PARENTAL CONTROL

  • Parents, do you dislike your son or daughter’s current boyfriend or girlfriend? 
  • When it comes to dating, do you think you know what’s best for them? 
  • Would YOU like to be in control of choosing who your son/daughter dates? 

PARENTAL CONTROL is looking for fun, outgoing families to be part of MTV’s iconic show.  So, if you think YOU know what's best for your son/daughter, then please apply.

*Sons/Daughter and Significant Others must be 18+ to participate.

**All approved and selected participants will receive a fee for their appearances subject to any and all conditions required in the applicable appearance release, including a fully signed copy thereof and any and all background check requirements. 


Click on the "apply" button to begin the online application process. PLEASE NOTE: You must read the information provided below prior to commencing the application to ensure your application is submitted succesfully.


At the end of the application process you will click submit. Immediately following that you will be prompted to upload photos to your application. We recommend saving at least two photos to your desk top prior to beginning the application so they are readily available when requested. We ask that you upload a close up ( shoulders up ) and a full length shot.  You MUST submit a current photo to be considered as a contestant.

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