With all the diverse types of productions that we do, from dating shows to weight loss competitions, Brendon and Iconic has a unique ability to always find the perfect cast. He understands the heart of every show and finds the characters that exemplify our needs. He always hits the bull’s-eye.

Cris Abrego
Co-CEO - Endemol USA
Co-Founder & Executive Producer - 51 Mind

Iconic Casting has been at the core of our success as a production company for the past 7 years. In reality television, casting is everything - and Iconic Casting is simply the best. Their process and people are first class and they are a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, they have been responsible for finding us some of the most memorable characters in reality TV history. Some cast members Iconic helped us find, cast, contract and clear even went on to headline their own successful TV franchises.

Iconic has been extremely creative and effective at fulfilling even the most demanding cast requirements. They are our first and only choice no matter what the project, no matter what the premise, no matter what the unique requirement.

Mark Cronin
CEO & Executive Producer - Never Nominat
Co-Founder & Executive Producer - 51 Mind

Brendon Blincoe and Iconic Casting has cast several VH1 series for us. Their ability to bring fresh, fun diverse casts to our shows is endless. Just when I think they have topped themselves they find a new group of reality gems. They understand the specific needs of each show and always deliver.

Jill Holmes
SVP, West Coast Production & Development

Brendon always delivers for us. He, without fail, finds interesting characters and elevates any show he works on.

Rob Smith
SVP Programming
Endemol USA

Brendon’s casting expertise has helped G4 achieve a new level of talent on our air.

John Reiber
Former Head of Production

Brendon Blincoe and his team joined the "Deal or No Deal" family midway through the run of the show. They had the tremendous job of taking over the "Deal or No Deal" model department. Not only did they have to cast new models and specialty models, but they also had to teach the new girls the signature "Deal or No Deal" choreographed walk. The show had a very high standard and Brendons team did an amazing job of raising the bar. In addition they made what could have been a difficult transition very smooth. It was a real pleasure to work with the team at Iconic and I look forward to my next opportunity.

Mashawn Nix
SVP of Programming
OWN (formerly Co-Executive Producer - Deal or

We love Brendon and his team. They have delivered for us every time. More than just finding a great cast, he helps us build the architecture of every new show we put in front of him.

Banks Tarver
Executive Producer

Brendon and his iconic team have delivered an embarrassment of casting riches, particularly in the dating genre. They are batting a thousand with us!

Noah Pollack
SVP Programming and Development
E! - (formerly VH1)